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Receive a free and confidential 5-page qualification assessment report on your proposed trademark, delivered by email within 3 minutes.

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Reduce Trademark Rejections and Cost

Many application rejections have simple causes that can be avoided with pre-qualification and a brief attorney consult. Recommended application steps are:

Using the Trademark Qualification System

The Trademark Application Qualification System (TAQS) is an automated tool that should be used prior to applying for a new US trademark. TAQS helps potential applicants to evaluate the strength of their trademark and the feasibility of successfully registering their trademark.

New: TAQS now includes a 7-day trademark mini-course, optional consultation with a Federal Protect agent, and optional assessment with a registered trademark attorney.

See your trademark score

The report helps assess:

  • The potential strength of your trademark (score)
  • The feasibility of registering your trademark
  • What issues or challenges you might encounter
  • Recommended actions to prepare for registration

About the report

The Trademark Potential Report (T.M.P.R.) is an automated planning tool for new U.S. trademark registrations. It contains 25 simple questions and takes 3 minutes to complete. You will receive an instant assessment report of your trademark by email.

Includes optional consultation

TAQS includes personal support from a Federal Protect agent. The Trademark Potential Report and support does not constitute legal advice. TAQS includes an optional consultation with a qualified U.S. trademark attorney.

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